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Research in India have shown that only 10 to 35% of the fresh Engineering & Management Graduates are really employable. Experiencing such a plight, common questions raised by the job aspirants, but often unanswered are:

  • Do I have right Attitude, Knowledge and Skills required for taking up a job in my prefFreshers EDGE Program - 1erred area of interest?
  • Why am I often given the feedback that “We will get back to you later”?
  • Why am I told that I am a fresher and do not have the experience when they are actually looking for fresher (ie without experience)?
  • How can I get the experience without actually getting placed in my first job?

              The reasons could be many and varied depending on the merit and situation faced by each of the job aspirants. But the answer is in developing the right Attitude, Knowledge and Skills for your first dream job.

For whom?

We, at HR Axis India, have a few unique Employability & Life Skill  Enhancement Training Modules to offer, called ‘ EDGEfor job aspirants who are Graduates, Engineers & MBAs. This program will help develop the ‘Employability Quotient’ of the job aspirant by blending the knowledge and skill requirements required by the Corporate, with an attitude which is value based.

How can we help?


     We are an organisation with a team of HR professionals sharing a common interest with you – ie., to enhance the Employability Quotient of job aspirants by  preparing them with right Attitude, Knowledge and Skills expected by the prospective Employers.

                 The programme is aimed at providing the participants with an EDGE – (Educate, Develop, Grow & Earn) over others through various Development Modules of  practical sessions and experiential learning.


Brief contents:

Module 1

Legal Aspects & Payroll Management
    Labour Laws
  • Applicable to Manufacturing /Shops & Estts/IT/ITES: Payment of wages/Minimum wages/Contract Labour/Child Labour/Maternity Benefits/Employee’s Compensation /Gratuity/EPF/ESI/PT/LWF/Industrial Disputes/Trade union etc;
  • Salient Features of applicable Labour Laws and how to comply with them
    Payroll Management
  • Role & Responsibilities and Competencies required
  • Payroll policy ,Computation and Processing of monthly salary
  • Income Tax , Computation & Compliance with updates for 2018-19
  • Statutory Deductions and Compliance – EPF/ESI/PT/LWF/IT
    Compensation & Benefits
  • Best Practices Vs Strategy
  • Components of salary/CTC/Perquisites
  • Maintaining Internal Equity
  • Maintaining External Equity
  • Job Ranking/Levels/Grades
  • How to structure C&B efficiently for your company : Single/multi-location/Projects

Module 2

Talent Management
  • How to be Effective as a Recruiter?
  • Recruitment challenges and how to overcome
  • How to source/screen?
  • Assessment of candidates – Person/Position/Company Fit.
  • Offer /Appointment/On-boarding
    Training & Development
  • How to identify Orgn & Individual Training Needs?
  • How to design Training Program?
  • How to be Effective in delivery of Training Program?
  • Feedback
  • How to measure and improve Effectiveness of Training Programs?
    Performance Management
  • How to select Performance Management System suitable for your organization: MBO /BSC/3600?
  • How to implement PMS effectively for improving Productivity, Talent Management, Retention .
  • Employee Engagement.
    HR Policies & Administration
  • How to develop HR Policies and implement them effectively?

Understanding Self-SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity& Threat) Analysis , Vision and career goals

Self DevelopmentCommunication, Presentation, Etiquette, Time as resource, Handling negative emotions and developing positivity, Self motivation

Preparing for career- Subject knowledge, Developing right attitude, knowledge and skills for your dream job

Counselling and preparation for job through mock sessions/interviews

It is not about creating CV but about   developing self for the right job

This blend of training ensures sustainable growth of the personality along with professional skills, which not only helps the participants in their personal growth but also helps to get ready for suitable placements.

Are you ready to own the responsibility for your future?


Class room sessions 60 hrs, Self study and practice 100 hrs

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