Payroll Management

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7 steps to Payroll Training

Welcome to the online Training Program

Rapid development in information communication technology has helped students, employees and professionals to acquire wide range of knowledge & skills and them effective in their respective field of engagement. This online session is one such opportunity to upgrade your knowledge in a time efficient, flexible and cost – effective manner while having the benefit of Trainer guided sessions.

Salient features of our Online Training programs include:

  1. Study Material Prepared by Expert Faculty with Industry experience
  2. Undertake the self study of the study material at your convenience
  3. Assignment for development of clarity and understanding
  4. Direct interaction/class room sessions with experts/facilitators through Audio – Video applications
  5. Practical application tips to support and apply the learning experience at the workplace
  6. Review Tests at the end of each course to confirm how well the trainees have understood the course
  7. Certification process upon successful completion

This will help a trainee to achieve the objectives she/he is pursuing through the selected study programs and through systematic implementation reach the desired goals.

The process of your Online Training would be as under:

Step 1
Registration for the Modules selected by the Trainee
Step 2
Read and understand the study material sent to you
Step 3
Attend the Online Training Session (Interactive Audio/Video) as per the schedule mutually decided
Step 4
Complete the Assignment as per directions given and prepare a list of items/points where clarifications are required
Step 5
Attend the Online Training Session and clarify the points with the Trainer during the pre scheduled Interactive Session (Audio/Video)
Step 6
Complete the Practical /Problems as suggested for the course
Step 7
Certification Process

So get ready for an enriching learning experience

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