Developing HR Professional- HR Axis Way

In any organization Human Resource Management has been recognized as an important function to be taken care off for the success of its business. Accordingly many MBA courses are offering HR as a specialization. However while looking for HR Executives who have completed MBA in HR, for our own consultancy we found tremendous gaps in what we were looking for and what these freshers as well as experienced candidates could offer! The aspirants had very superficial knowledge on various HR functions and were not able to go beyond generic definitions of the major functions in HR. Various Laws prevailing in the country which are base for many of the HR policies were unheard off by these specialized HR! Understandably, they were devoid of the skills required to take up a HR job. In fact in this savvy world of computers, these candidates did not even have skills on computing using spreadsheets like Excel or use of Word or PowerPoint.  The attitude they carried was appalling! One set of candidates said that they took up HR as specialization as they thought they were the most important people in an organization and had power and control over all staff!! Another set felt that HR job is a desk job and hence more suitable for women!

Thus the lack of employability of the HR specialized candidates available in the market set us at HR Axis thinking and so emerged the idea of training the aspirants looking for a career in HR stream entwining the requirements of corporate needs.

Accordingly, K Jayachandran, Rema Karat and P M Menon, Directors of HR Axis India, with their hands on experience in Corporate, Education and HR Consulting field designed a program to give an EDGE to the candidates aspiring to be HR professionals. The idea was to fill the various gaps in knowledge and skill and blend it with right attitude which is value based and make them employable. Hence the base of the HR EDGE (Educate, Develop, Grow and Earn) is self development where the candidates are helped to understand themselves, their own strengths. It is capped with managerial skills like communication skills, team working, presentation skills, interpersonal relations, resource management etc. Basic computer skills like use of spread sheets, word documents, power points are added to help them do day to day functions in an office situation.

HR functional knowledge and skills are imparted in detail with focus on practical and hands on experience. For example on recruitment, trainees are required to source, assess and select right candidates as per the job descriptions and requirements of the clients for existing clients. They are trained on use of job portals, referencing, networking as well as how to interview and assess candidates. Similarly in all other functional areas, trainees are required to do practicals like preparing pay roll sheets, labour law compliances, designing and implementing performance management system, coordinating and conducting training programs, HR administrative functions, employee engagement activities etc.

In order to ensure overall development of the candidates the program is designed in such a way that the participants come with preparation to the class, participate in Group discussions, presentations, role plays, exercises and thus get hands on experience. This is followed with assignments similar to live corporate situation which completes their understanding and growth process in a particular functional area. These trainees are regularly counseled individually and mentored even after they pass out of the program. The success of the program lies in the insistence of cent percent attendance and timely completion of assignment while ensuring active participation in the class.

The result of this program has been very satisfying for us at HR Axis as we have seen the students transform right in front of our eyes and find success in the corporate world. The fees charged is minimal and does not commensurate with the time and efforts put in by HR Axis team for this has been an effort from our heart rather than as a pure business proposition. From the feedback we realize that the difference has not been made just in the professional side of the candidates, but has made a difference to their personal life too. They feel that now they will be able to handle any type of situations in their life personal or professional which gives us a great contentment. It is also satisfying to note that some of the organizations wait for our students to pass out for filling their vacancies.

Now looking back with satisfaction and pride of having supported more than 50 batches of HR professionals, HR Axis team is looking forward to make a difference in life for many more HR professionals.

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