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EDGE Program 

Our experience, data and feedback have proven time and again that the brightest of the students passing even from Premier institutions, many a times lack skills required by corporate, thus leading to a mismatch between the Industry expectations and the skills developed through the Educational Institutes. We help in bridging this gap through our various EDGE Programs!!

The word EDGE connotes ‘Educate, Develop, Grow & Earn’.

In HR Axis the effort is to fill the various gaps in knowledge and skill and blend it with right attitude which is value based and make them employable. Hence the base of each of our EDGE (Educate, Develop, Grow and Earn) is self development where the candidates are helped to understand themselves, their own strengths. Further, it is capped with managerial skills like communication skills, team working, presentation skills, interpersonal relations, resource management etc. Basic computer skills like use of spread sheets, word documents, power points are added to help them do day to day functions in an office situation.

These trainees are regularly counseled individually and mentored daily and even after they pass out of the program. The success of the program we realize lies on the insistence of cent percent attendance and timely completion of assignment while ensuring active participation in the class.

The result of this program has been very satisfying for us at HR Axis as we have seen the students transform right in front of our eyes and find success in the corporate world. From the feedback we realize that the difference has not been made just in the professional side of the candidates, but has made a difference to their personal life too. They feel that now they will be able to handle any type of situations in their life personal or professional which gives us a great contentment. It is also satisfying to note that some of the organizations wait for our students to pass out for filling their vacancies.