Students Program

Student Support & Supplement (SSS) Program

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This program is designed to support & supplement the student’s growth and development process that she/he is already pursuing, either through self study or through academic/educational institution. This will help a student to get proper clarity on the objectives she/he is pursuing through the selected study programs.

This program will also help develop focus through goal setting and achieve those goals through systematic use and implementation of success factors. Use of suggested tools & techniques will guide them for career planning and pursuing one’s career to success and satisfaction.

  • Self Discipline – Why Self Discipline? How can Self Discipline Support in achieving one’s mission and vision? Being Responsible – Importance of Being Responsible to ones action and inactions. How can “Being Responsible” support one to grow holistically?
  • SWOT Analysis and Self Development Plan – If one can identify their own Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, preparation of Self Development Plan and implementing them would become easier!
  • Vision, Goals and Activities – How to develop them? How they are interrelated? How can they support us?
  • Self Study – Planning and implementation – Tools & Techniques and how to use them.
  • Successful Study Projects – How to identify, conduct, and prepare successful & meaningful study projects
  • Maximizing Student Facilities – Why & How to maximize the use of student facilities for better learning & growth
  • Guide/Mentor for Success – Why & How to use Guide/Mentor for better learning, growth and success in academics
  • Choosing the Right Career – Difference between Job and Career. How to choose Right Career?
  • Career Success Factors – Understanding the success factors and how to use success factors for plan planning and pursuing one’s career to success and satisfaction