HR Study & Research

HR Axis India provides HR Study & Research – It offers detailed analysis on the current deployment and management issues with the real-life case studies to enable the formulation and implementation of the strategy practice with in the current organisation.

The objectives of the HR Study and Research could be any or all of the following or more as per the requirements of the client:

  • Reviewing HR policies, systems and practices of an organisation or with respect to industry as well as relevant corporate standards and highlight strengths, gaps and challenges
  • Identify best practices in HR management practices in the industry and present brief case studies for enhanced learning and dissemination and thereby adoption within the sector
  • Establish indicative relationship between HR practices with mission alignment and client sensitivity of staff
  • Identify areas that need sector level strategies and investments for enhancing Human Resource Management practices in a particular industry .

A few projects by HR Axis India include the following:

  1. Human Resource Policy Assessment & Strategy Development for NABFINS
  2. Compensation & Benefit Study for two leading MFIs
  3. Performance Incentive Scheme for a leading MFI.
  4. Microfinance Institutions in India – The state of Practice in Human Resource Management. For details and report …. Read More