Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is a process of attracting finding and selecting highly talented individuals to meet current and future employment needs. By highly talented we mean, those employees who align with the business strategy, possess required competencies, and who will integrate smoothly and productively into organization and its culture.

It is imperative that organizations hire the right people for the right job to succeed. Good coaching, training, mentoring etc is not likely to make up for bad selection.

We at HR Axis believe that in order to drive performance, deal with an increasingly rapid pace of change, and create sustainable success, an organization must integrate and align the talent acquisition and management process with its business strategies.

  • Recruitment  – When we say Strategic Recruitment, we mean strategic! HR Axis provides the expert services and resources needed to ensure your recruitment efforts pay off for the long-term! From the very start of identifying the skills needed to the end of the candidate evaluation and selection, HR Axis ensures your workforce additions are the right fit for your organization.Read More

  • Selection Assessment  – Managing today’s human capital is challenging enough, but you don’t need to make your decisions based on subjective processes and instinct. HR Axis provides a wealth of assessments to help make strategic decisions. Read More

  • Interview Guides – Interviewing employee candidates is a critical element of any hiring process, regardless of the nature of the position. With the ever-changing and ever-challenging employment landscape, the elevated level of risk associated with hiring, and the cost of a wrong hire, you cannot afford to conduct interviews without proper preparation. HR Axis works with you to develop custom interview guides to ensure that you consistently hire the ‘best fit’ candidate that can successfully perform the essential functions of the position. Read More
  • Background Check – HR Axis  takes this concern away from you while obtaining the permitted background information needed to ensure your candidate selection is the right fit for the position and in the best interest of your organization overall. Read More
  • Orientation Programs – Orientation programs serve as an important element of the recruitment and retention process. Many employers may recognize this and may even categorize their practice of giving employees a handbook and having forms completed as an “Orientation program”. Read More

  • Employee On Boarding – Employee On boarding is the process of integrating employees into their new work environment and overseeing their progress during that critical first year. It is the last stage of the recruitment process and is the first step toward retention. Read More
  • Strategic PlanningToday’s businesses know that what worked earlier years does not  exactly work the same today and may not work at all next year. Businesses and organizations are facing new challenges with economy weakness, technology advancements, diversified workforce, skill shortages and globalization. If you are not strategically planning for the future, you are leaving your organization’s future to chanceRead More
  • Succession PlanningIdentifying crucial job skills, knowledge, professional relationships and organizational practices and passing them on to prepare your future workers is critical to ensuring the seamless movement of talent within your organization. Succession planning is keeping the talent in your pipeline, and with today’s workforce trends, critical talent  can easily be today and gone tomorrow. Read More