Succession Planning

Identifying crucial job skills, knowledge, professional relationships and organizational practices and passing them on to prepare your future workers is critical to ensuring the seamless movement of talent within your organization. Succession planning is keeping the talent in your pipeline, and with today’s workforce trends, critical talent  can easily be today and gone tomorrow. Whether your organization is large or small, succession planning is necessary for various reasons:

  • Adapting to demographic and economic changes and talent scarcity
  • Identifying skill gaps and training needs. Retaining institutional knowledge in a knowledge economy
  • Boosting morale and retention by investing in employees
  • Replacing unique or highly specialized competencies

HR Axis takes the complexity out of succession planning, and offers scalable solutions to address only those areas of Succession Planning needed. HR Axis’s Succession Planning services includes:

  • Labour Market Analysis and Workforce Planning
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Job analysis to identify the essential knowledge, skills and abilities needed in critical Job Positions
  • Job Design
  • Strategic Succession Plan Development
  • Performance and Behaviour- Based Assessments
  • Recruitment Support
  • Training and Development
  • Individual Development Planning

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