Prozone mean Professional Zone. Under this category we are providing

  • Identifying Training NeedsAn essential part of training is to accurately identify the training need of participants. If performance in the workplace is low you need to determine whether this is due to the skills, knowledge and attitudes of the individual and not due to some other issues such as management problems or faulty equipment. Read More
  • The Role Of The Trainer The role of the workplace trainer has changed in recent times with the gradual swing from trainer – centred instruction to a learner-centered approach where individuals are more responsible for their own learning.  A workplace trainer may take on many different roles depending on the needs of individuals.  Read More

  • Effective TrainerAn effective trainer will encourage learning and create an environment which facilitates learning. Whether you are training one-on-one or a small group the first step is to develop a sense of mutual respect and trust. A sense of trust and safety is essential in a training group because learning will not happen easily when people in the group are concerned that things they say and do might be gossiped about, laughed at or judged. Read More
  • Selection of trainerIt becomes important that the right trainers are selected for bridging the gap identified. How do we assess whether the trainer is apt? Is it the experience in the training field or the earlier working experience or a combination of both that needs to be seen… Read More