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We have the expertise to conduct Training Need Analysis to understand the requirement of the organization, the present competencies of the staff and the gap that requires to be bridged to take the organization to the next level.

 Training and Development Process Followed by HR Axis


We also offer services to design tailor-made programs for your organization to bridge the gaps identified. Our expert faculty is known to conduct the programs in an engaging manner which results in churning of thought processes in an individual’s mind and manifesting in a changed behavior appropriate for increased effectiveness.

Since change management especially at individual level is a gradual process we also undertake training effectiveness and impact evaluation after an agreed period of time.

Training & Development Process (Training Need to ROI) – HR Axis Way


How do we take it forward?

Given an opportunity, we are willing to help identify the training needs of the staff of your Company and if already identified, design and structure the scope of the training program, prepare the contents and identify methods of interaction and delivery. The program would be conducted for the target group identified followed by feedback analysis and assessment report on defined parameters.

Identify the gap between required competencies and the learner’s current competencies:

The gap between required competencies and current competencies is the portion of skills and knowledge the learner needs to achieve to be recognised as competent in a particular task or job. The gap may refer to physical skills, for example driving a forklift or using a photocopier, or it may refer to underlying knowledge, for example, OH&S using the forklift or the different types of photocopier available.

The competency of an individual refers to their ability to perform the task or job competently in all situations and under varying conditions. Therefore, there are five dimensions of competency under which the individual has to be able to perform.

  • Task skills

Performing at an acceptable level of skill

  • Task management skills

Managing a number of different tasks within the job

  • Contingency management skills

Responding and reacting appropriately to unexpected problems, changes in routine and breakdown

  • Job/role environment skills

Fulfilling the responsibilities and expectations of the workplace

  • Transfer skills

Transferring skills and knowledge to new situations and contexts

When you are identifying gaps, physical skills or underlying knowledge, you also have to look at these dimensions of competence and make sure the learner can perform all the skills required under these conditions.

We enclose the profiles of our expert trainers and some of the training programs conducted by us.

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