Training programs

Our Training Program Philosophy:

  • Learning is Sequential, Cumulative, and Developmental.
  • Learning is Relational and Reciprocal.
  • Learning best occurs through experience and exposure to multiple sources of knowledge/information (theory, research, and experiential) which is meaningfully evaluated, integrated, and synthesized via skilled, disciplined reflective thinking.


Tr & Dev


  • Reflective thinking is learned and promoted through open discussion and shaped by expert guidance of more advanced training tools and techniques. Socialization into the practice and profession of psychology occurs through mentoring, i.e. exposure to and collaboration with professional role models.
  • All training must be practical, relevant and up-to-date, using high caliber instructors who present interesting, stimulating and thought-provoking subjects in innovative ways.  As much learning as possible must be portrayed through hands-on practical work in conjunction with classroom-based theory.  We are committed to a high instructor-to-delegate ratio throughout.  We feel the more personal the training, the more effective the message.  We believe in providing the same high quality service for all our customers, regardless of a client’s size or available budget.