I really thank Mr Jayachandran Sir, Reema Ma’m and Menon Sir for giving me an excellent training & making me to learn things like what an HR should posses & should be. Very much satisfied  with the training provided over here.

I am trained in such a way that I can fill the gap which I had before  joining the HR Edge & now I’m confident enough with the  Knowledge related to Human resource.

HR Axis India is a right place to learn if we want to grow up in our career as an HR (it moulds you). Must join fo real time experience you gain while doing assignments and practical’s. Faculty is very much friendly, supportive & interactive and will be available any time


I am doing this core HR course for the second time and I can really Differentiate how different and effective this program is from the Earlier I did from other institute.


The Faculty of this program is very excellent and they are very co-operative. They taught us how an HR can become a role model for everyone.


Taught us to learn things by ourselves rather than depending on others. I m more confident person with better clarity about what/how to do things. This is the place if you want to be trained not just taught! . It has totally changed my attitude towards life. The faculty is very much co-operative, friendly and available whenever we need them. Interactive training procedure. Thanks to Jayachandran Sir, Reema Madam and Menon Sir for making me learn how a HR Person should be!


By attending the class everyday, observing the lecture sincerely, participating in discussions and finishing all the assignments in time, I got to know the practical funda of HR stuffs which are unforgettable.  I have that confidence that I can solve any kind of HR related issues in a company and I can face any kind of interview questions. And be successful. I can give presentations on any topic.


The main objectives for taking up HR Edge course, labor acts, T&D, Performance appraisal. The Organizational development and administration have been achieved. Management skills, how to put in action, learnt how to maintain employer & employee relationship, understood about the organization policies & cultures and organization environment.


Built my confidence on HR management areas and I got clarity about the future steps related to my career. The concepts are very good to become professional HR manager. After completion of the program I have became a ready-made product for the HRM with all the qualities needed.


Got knowledge in recruitment and payroll which will help me to find a job without any fear or hesitations. Participation in GDs and seminars have made me enable to take collective decisions and team decisions.


I learned a lot from the program .If 100 is the total in HR, I knew 10% of HR and the rest 90% I  have learned from the HR Axis India.


The HR EGDE Program is highly recommended to all those who are less talkative who should improve their English and those who must get exposed to Group discussions. This is a program where I learned to participate in GD, before this I have never participated in GD.


I now know what HR is, All the knowledge that an HR Generalist should posses, I think I have gained by this program


Learning methods are redefined. Today I am proud to say that I can write any kind of policy. And I am ready to prepare any kind of presentations.


HR Axis India Training and development department have excellent way of putting the subjects in a simple manner.


Being a fresher in HR and haven’t completed my MBA,I have been able to achieve my objectives and get to know out a lot about HR duties and responsibilities through the practical training. Gained motivation, have grown in self confidence and able to improve my speaking skills. I am able to speak or address like a team leader.


Prior to joining this program, my career graph was normal & uninteresting. I understood that our professional goals and ambitions need to be very specific & achievable by us in a fixed time period. For this I have prepared my individual development plan so as to shape my career interestingly.


Personally by adding the details in my resume about the course, it added weightage. The chances to be called for the interview have increased.


I got the confidence that I can get the job as a HR. Practical knowledge by doing all the assignment is the ingredient which I consumed from this program.

Taken two tablets :- (i) Accountability (ii) Responsibility. Emotion Control.


I had a good experience which is program. I have learned a lot of things about the Core HR. I achieved a good knowledge about the HR Edge. It was a good experience in my life. It means a lot to me.


Firstly, by self studying, doing all assignments, participating in group discussions, giving presentations I have learned all the areas of Core HR. The way of Teaching helped me to achieve  my objectives.


Through very good group discussion sessions where knowledge is shared. Practical exercises are very useful (especially Role Plays). Learning by doing things.


(1)Before joining the program I had difficulties in facing interviews but now I’m confident. (2) Depth knowledge on Core HR. (3) Theoretical & practical knowledge along with problem solving skills.


Got to know good people, made good friends and learned ethics from Mr Jayanchandran Sir and Reema Madam. Improved communication and interpersonal skills. How to participate in group discussions. Improved excel knowledge. Learned Core HR Modules.


Improved my way of learning and thinking as well as few perceptions towards life. The level of encouragement given here is what I haven’t seen anywhere so far.


I am very much confident about myself, my knowledge and the way to approach the things. I am really lucky to have such teachers and trainers. I will learn and apply everything which I learnt from here to my workplace. Increased level of confidence and knowledge. I am now able to do practical’s on recruitment, training program, designing appraisal forms and payroll. I have given one interview in lords institute and I got selected there but I have not joined because this program was still running and I wanted to complete this. my knowledge on laws have also increased.